University of Massachusetts School of Medicine

Disaster Medicine & Emergency Management Fellowship

Internationally trained candidates

International track of the DM fellowship:

1 and 2 year fellowship options.  The UMass Disaster Medicine & Emergency Management Fellowship has recently expanded to allow international candidates to apply.  International candidates will experience the same fellowship as all other fellows, except cannot participate in clinical ER patient care under most circumstances (this will be evaluated on a case by case basis and depends on the candidates ability to get a US medical license and treat ER patients)



International applicant eligibility requirements:

1. Completed Medical or Public health training in home Country

2. No clinical or patient contact in US emergency department (this is on a case by case basis)

3. Must be able to meet all UMass requirements for stipend, living expenses, insurances (health etc..) and administrative fees

4. Obtain a J1 Visa and be able to follow all State and Federal rules as related to the J1 Visa

5. Proficient in the English language

6. Program types available: One or two year program












Dr. Mohamad El Warea, Senior Emergency Medicine Resident, American University of Beirut Medical Center. Spending a month with the Disaster Division - July 2017