University of Massachusetts School of Medicine

Disaster Medicine & Emergency Management Fellowship

Disaster Medicine Lecture Series

All lectures 1-3pm in the EM Seminar room (unless noted otherwise)


January 25, 2016: Dr. Anas Kahn, MBBS, SBEM, ABHS-EM, MHA. "Hajj 2015 Mina Stampede"


March 3, 2016: off-site conference "When Terror Strikes: Maximizing Survival During Multi-Site Attacks"


April 21, 2016: Doug Flavin, MA State Trooper "Civilian Response to Active Shooter Training"


May 19, 2016: Dr. Paul Biddinger "Development and maintenance of a Biothreats Care Unit and program"


June 16, 2016: Seth Peters, MPH "Emerging Infectious Diseases". Followed by Frontline Ebola documentary


July 21, 2016: Dr. John Broach "Boots on the Ground: Elements of Disaster Response" and Gina Smith, RN (commander of MA-2 DMAT) "Responding to Disasters"


August 18, 2016: BDLS course


September 15, 2016: Dr. James Augustine "Modern Challenges: Multiple Casualty Incidents, Burn and Blast, Active Shooter and High Impact Events"


October 20, 2016:  Lectures canceled


November 17, 2016: Dr. Richard Ellison "Bioterrorism, Avian Flu and MERS"


December 15, 2016: Dr. Eric Sergienko "CDC's response to Zika" and "WHO's PHE Operations Centre Framework"


January 19, 2017: Dr. Stacy Weisberg "Hot in Haiti"


February 15, 2017: Basic Disaster Life Support Course


March 16, 2017: no lectures this month


April 20, 2017:  Dr. Connie Nichols "Intersection between disasters and technology, how the use of IT can enhance disaster response." Followed by Dr. Andrew Milsten will then lecture on "Disaster Tourism".


May 18, 2017:  Dr. George Debusk, Trauma and Critical Care; General Surgery "Pathophysiology & Patterns of Injury: Burns, Blasts and Chemical & Radiological Disasters"


June 15, 2017: Gregory T. Banner, MS, CEM. Regional Emergency Coordinator,  Region I (New England) US Dpt of Health and Human Services,  ASPR/OEM/PREP. 2 Lectures: "Federal medical emergency management planning and response programs” and “1917 Halifax explosion/disaster”


July 6, 2017: Dr. John Broach. "The Incident Command System and Mass Casualty Triage"


July 13, 2017: Dr. Andrew Milsten "The Disaster Cycle in natural and man-made disasters"


July 19-20, 2017: Adanced Disaster Life Support Course


July 27, 2017: Dr. Mohamad El Warea, Senior Emergency Medicine Resident, American University of Beirut Medical Center "Riots: Mass Gatherings Gone Wrong"


Summer break!


October 19, 2017: Dr. Andrew Milsten "Analysis of Current Hurricane Season and the Damage Done"


November 16, 2017:


December 21, 2017: Dr. Ira Nemeth, Chair, ACEP Disaster Preparedness and Response Committee. "Regional Disaster Coordination (Medical Operation Centers, Healthcare Coalitions and Other Ways to Coordinate A Response)”


January 18, 2018: canceled


February 15, 2018: Dr. Andrew Milsten, "Mosh Pit Mayhem"


March 15, 2018: Dr. Bryan Wexler, Director, Director of the Division of Disaster Medicine and Emergency Management at WellSpan, York Hospital. Topic: "Crisis Decision Making"


New Academic Year!


July 3, 2018: Dr. Stacy Weisberg, "EMS literature review"; Dr. Andrew Milsten "Introduction to the DM Fellowship"


July 10, 2018: Dr. Andrew Milsten, "Introduction to Disaster Medicine"


July 17, 2018: Dr. Ira Nemeth, "Regional Disaster Coordination and an Overview of the Federal Preparedness and Response System."


July 24, 2018: Dr. Stacy Weisberg, "Work Life Balance and Time Management"


July 31, 2018: Tim MacDonald, MBA, NREMTP, EMS Supervisor/Worcester EMS Captain, "Tour of WEMS MCI trailer and communications; Also, discussions on EMS communications in disasters and EMS capabilities in disasters."


August 7, 2018: Dr. Connie Nichols, "“Intersection between disasters and technology, how the use of IT can enhance disaster response”


August 14, 2018: Dr. Andrew Milsten, "Surge Capacity in Healthcare Settings"


August 21, 2018: Dr. Joe Tennyson, "EMS literature review"


August 28, 2018: Dr. Stacy Weisberg, "EMS call run review"


September 4, 2018: Dr. Andrew Milsten, "Disaster Tourism"


September 11, 2018: Dr. Richard Ellison, "Infectious Disease disasters: The Bioterrorism and Epidemic Pathogens"


September 18, 2019: Dr. Sophie Monnier-Serov, "Working in the Loyalty Isalnds South Pacific"


September 25, 2018: Dr. Michael Hirsh, “Special Considerations in Pediatric Disaster Victims”                            


October 2, 2018: Lectures canceled: ACEP meeting


October 9, 2018: Dr. Nick Asselin, “Teaching to the adult learner”


October 16, 2018: Gina Smith, "Disaster Medical Assistance Teams - Just Trying to Make a Difference"


October 23, 2018: Dr. Steve Bird, "How to Give a Good Lecture"


October 30, 2018: 


November 6, 2018: Dr. Stacy Weisberg, "EMS call run review"


November 13, 2018: Dr. Matt Rebesco, "Medicine at Sea"


November 20, 2018:


November 27, 2018: Lectures canceled. Happy Thanksgiving!


December 4, 2018:


December 11, 2018: Dr. Matt Rebesco, ""Stroke - Evolving Diagnosis/Treatment and Implications for EMS"


December 18, 2018:


December 25, 2018: Lectures canceled. Merry Christmas!


January 1, 2019: Lectures canceled. Happy New Year!


January 8, 2019: Dr. George Debusk, "Pathophysiology & Patterns of Injury: Burns, Blasts, Chemical & Radiological Disasters"


January 15, 2019:


January 22, 2019:


January 29, 2019:


February 5, 2019:


February 12, 2019:


February 19, 2019:


February 26, 2019:


March 5, 2019:


March 12, 2019:


March 19, 2019: Dr. Matt Rebesco, "Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO)"


March 26, 2019:


April 2, 2019:


April 9, 2019:


April 16, 2019:


April 23, 2019:


May 7, 2019:


May 14, 2019:


May 21, 2019:


May 28, 2019:


June 4, 2019:


June 11, 2019:


June 18, 2019:


June 25, 2019: